08 September 2009

Sunny Arnold Palmer

Here's the scoop on Labor Day: Doug and I played football in the park.  We went for a walk.  He watched college football.  I wrote a paper or two.  We sat on the balcony.  He had a Blue Moon with a slice of orange.  I wanted something sweet and refreshing too... so I flipped through one of my sangria cookbooks and found a recipe for a Raspberry Arnold Palmer... but I didn't have raspberries... so I changed this name to just a "Sunny Arnold Palmer" because I enjoyed it on a sunny day!  I'm sure it would be even better with the raspberries and mint, so be sure to try that if you have them in your fridge.  

Sunny Arnold Palmer
(Adapted from 101 Sangrias)
Yield: 1 large, refreshing serving

1/2 C. Lemonade
1/2 C. Iced Tea
5 to 7 fresh Raspberries, plus extra for garnish (optional)
1 to 1.5 oz. Vodka (optional)
Mint Sprig, for garnish (optional)
Lemon slice

Combine the lemonade and iced tea in a cocktail shaker with ice.  Add the raspberries (if you want it sweeter) and shake well.  Pour into a glass.  If desired, add the vodka.  Garnish with a slice of lemon (and mint sprig or additional whole raspberries, if that's what you prefer).  

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